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Where we create magic by turning wheat and dough into spectacular biscuits, wafers and baked treats! Bite into this amazing journey as we explore the world of Innovative Biscuits.

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At Innovative Biscuits, we believe that every bite into a freshly baked biscuit brings joy to people every day in what they eat and what they do. This gives us a great responsibility to ensure that our taste and quality are the best in the business.

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Ethical sourcing

Transparent, informational labeling according to dietary and religious requirements


Responsibility towards local suppliers

Environmental awareness and inspiring the next generation to be more environmentally conscious


Abiding by good manufacturing practices

Upholding food safety and quality systems

Collaboration with scientists, authorities, nutritionists and suppliers to ensure quality and safety

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Here at Innovative Biscuits, we are more than biscuit manufacturers. We believe in working together to create a recipe for uplifting lifestyle and society.

We share our nation’s love for food and we are passionate about the progress of our country.

For us, being Innovative is about reimagining the existing with a radically new perspective. Using only the highest quality ingredients, we aspire to inspire the wheels of innovation.


Every day, a group of highly trained and qualified Innovators come together to produce the most delicious Innovative biscuits, wafers and baked goodies using state-of-the-art facilities. These Innovators make use of the most technologically advanced machines to create magic using the best quality ingredients, creating biscuit products that are naturally wholesome at every step of processing and packaging.

The production facility is located at 23km on Sheikhupura Road, Lahore. It adheres to strict quality and safety protocols and has passed all standards and numerous certifications (ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, PSQCA, and PFA). PSQCA, and PFA).

Innovative Biscuits has everything from biscuits and cookies to wafers and wafer rolls.

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Innovating Joy
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The guilt-free indulgence of whole wheat and brown sugar, Digestive Biscuits are a healthy snack made with natural ingredients to give you a delicious and wholesome treat.

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butter crunch

Butter Crunch does the impossible by making a cookie that is so buttery yet so impossibly crunchy. Made with crunchy oats, creamy butter and sweet brown sugar all combined in impeccable harmony and baked to crunchy, buttery perfection.

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jumbo junior

Jumbo Junior combines the goodness of milk, glucose and calcium to energize you with the power of three. These energy biscuits are sure to boost your creativity and power your imagination!

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jumbo junior jumbo junior

We wanted to bring you the yummiest, creamiest and crispiest biscuits in the world, that's how Olys were innovated. Unique cat shaped biscuits filled with yummy chocolate. They are crispy on the outside, chocolaty on the inside, and will absolutely melt in your mouth. We promise you'll never want to stop eating them!


Layers of smooth and delicious cream wrapped in crispy wafers, Crust is a yummy snack packed with flavour and crunchy goodness. Available in chocolate, strawberry and orange flavours.

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This biscuit is something different, combining the goodness of milk with fresh eggs and adding a secret ingredient to turn it from something good into something that’s just Tooo Gud. Now That’s Different, an ultimate relish for people who want to do something more than just Good in life!

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