Welcome to the world of
Innovative Biscuits

Where the magic happens and the dough turns into something spectacular! Take a bite into this amazing journey.

At Innovative we believe that joy in every biscuit bite is joy for people every day, in what they eat and what they do and we have responsibility towards our people:


Ethical sourcing

Transparent, informational labeling according to dietary and religious requirements


Responsibility towards local suppliers

Environmental awareness and inspiring the next generation about it


Good Manufacturing Practices to abide by

Food safety and quality systems to uphold

Collaboration with scientists, authorities, nutritionists and suppliers to ensure quality and safety


Here at INNOVATIVE, we’re more than biscuit manufacturers. We believe in working together to create a recipe for uplifting lifestyle and society.

We share our nation’s love for food. Like our youth, we’re passionate about the progress of our country.

For us, being INNOVATIVE is about reimagining the existing with a radically new perspective. Using only the highest quality ingredients, we aspire to inspire the wheels of innovation.


Everyday, a group of highly trained and qualified Innovators come together to produce the best tasting Innovative products using the state of the art facilities. These Innovators make use of the most technologically advanced machines and make the magic happen with the best quality ingredients, keeping the final product naturally wholesome at every step of processing and packaging.

The production facility is located near 23km on Sheikhupura Road, Lahore. It adheres to strict quality and safety protocols and has passed the standards of numerous certifications (ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, PSQCA, and PFA).

Innovative is committed to making the magic happen in the best possibly way.


The guilt free indulgence of
whole wheat and brown sugar

So buttery yet sooo
impossibly crunchy!

Karo Ideas Ko Free with
the Power of three!

Wafers like no other!

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